Harris & Company | Contested Estates
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Contested Estates

Contested Estates

If you are an Executor or a beneficiary of an estate where a claim is being made upon the estate we can assist you in defending the claim. At a difficult time when a loved one has died, it can be extremely stressful if a claim is made on the estate. We can assist by providing advice as to the likely outcome of a claim upon the estate and manage the dispute process for you.


Similarly, if you have been omitted from a Will we can advise you on whether you are an “eligible person” entitled to bring a claim under the Succession Act and the possible outcomes of such a claim.


At Harris & Company, we have considerable experience working with claims under the Succession Act and can provide pragmatic advice to executors, beneficiaries or others who think that they are entitled to make a claim on the Estate.


If you’d like to know more, please contact Alexandra Tzavellas either by email atzavellas@harrisco.com.au            or Telephone; (02) 9261 8533