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Wills & Estate Planning

Many people put off making a Will and thinking about what is to happen to their affairs if they die or become incapacitated, however it is critical that there is effective planning for such events to ensure that if these events were to happen your estate would be dealt with in accordance with your wishes and ensuring that your loved ones are looked after.


There are many “life events” which will impact upon the way you manage your assets including marriage, having children, separation, divorce, purchasing a home and retirement. Obligations under the law to family members, making provision for minor children or relatives with a disability and for some people the tax consequences of the succession process are important factors which need to be considered when taking instructions in relation to estate planning.


We will discuss your personal situation with you before preparing documents and if required will liaise with your accountant or financial planner in working out the optimum solution for you.


 We can help you with

  • Drafting simple and complex Wills.
  • Setting up trusts either during your life (inter vivos) or in your Will (testamentary)
  • Preparing Enduring Powers of Attorney.
  • Preparing Appointments of Enduring Guardians.
  • Acting as the Executor of your Will.
  • Administering your estate.
  • Defending or making claims on an estate.
  • Keeping your Will and other documents in safe custody.
  • Liaising with your other financial planners.


If you’d like to know more, please contact Alexandra Tzavellas either by email atzavellas@harrisco.com.au or Telephone; (02) 9261 8533