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General Counsel Services

Harris & Company is able to provide legal services to clients for a fixed price.

As many of our lawyers have extensive experience in various areas of the law, we are able to second to you an experienced in-house lawyer for a fixed amount of time per week/fortnight or month depending on your needs. We expect that for most medium size businesses the services of an in house lawyer one day per week is usually sufficient for most medium size businesses which cannot otherwise justify the cost of a full time in-house lawyer. This lawyer will work at your offices during that time, but he or she will also be available to you by at any other time via e-mail and telephone.

As your General Counsel, this lawyer will be responsible for handling all of your legal requirements. This in-house lawyer will be able to handle the vast majority of your legal requirements themselves. However, If the nature of the work (for example, for major, complex, or lengthy transactions or litigation) dictates that briefing out is required then your General Counsel will be well placed to recommend to you the most suitable lawyer for the job. Before any such briefing out is initiated, it will be discussed with you and your approval sought. The in–house lawyer will continue to manage the matter for you if so required.

We provide these General Counsel services for a fixed amount per month (plus reimbursement of our-of-pocket expenses) which is agreed in advance. If our quoted amount proves to be too low or too high for the amount for work undertaken as the secondment progresses, then we will discuss and agree suitable changes for future periods. Either party may terminate the arrangement at any time.

There are many benefits to you which include:

  • obtaining an experienced lawyer for a relatively low fixed monthly cost without the usual costs of employment eg. superannuation, payroll tax and leave entitlements;
  • flexibility and availability;
  • back up and support resources (including administration, precedents, professional indemnity insurance, library, laptop with mobile internet access, mobile phone) from Harris & Company.
H&C Alexandra 015 web

Alexandra Tzavellas

Alexandra practises predominantly in commercial and property related matters including residential and commercial conveyancing, leasing, sale and purchase of businesses.