Harris & Company | James Behringer
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James Behringer


Jim has been with Harris & Company since 1998 and has been in private practice since 1973.


Jim is an experienced commercial lawyer who has on a long term basis acted for numerous businesses providing advice on day to day matters as well as more long term strategic advice. Many of Jim’s clients operate small to medium size businesses where Jim assists in their sale and purchase of business, their leasing needs and the numerous legal issues that arise on a regular basis. Jim has acted for many of his clients for a number of years so that he is familiar with their history and those clients appreciate Jim’s background knowledge and capacity to provide a broad and well experienced advice on both a legal and general commercial basis.


Jim has an extensive commercial litigation background so that he can also serve his client’s needs when disputes can only be resolved by litigation. Jim’s experience in litigation encompasses contractual disputes, enforcement of contract terms and claims arising from breach of contract. Quite a number of Jim’s clients are architects and so his litigation experience extends to issues arising in building and construction.


The broad cross section and needs of Jim’s clients means that he also works extensively in conveyancing, wills, probate and estate planning as well as family law disputes.